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is 95, damage multiplier is 1.5x and we roll like a spammed car. Sure, the CK is quick, but it's also a bit weak (4 compared to our 825). We never play on the 4th floor. So this seems like a better choice. If you ask me, you might want to try a backup to the Cushion King. Cushion King - He does a lot of damage and he's very hard to kill. But he's kinda slow and you might lose a lot of points because of him. If you don't do that, you'll have to wait for a long time to kill him. Dragon King - You might kill him by one hit. But if you do, you won't get enough points. Cerberus King - With the first CC, you'll kill him fast. But if he uses that second CC, you'll need a lot of time to kill him. Raiden King - He's slow and weak. But it's not hard to kill him, especially if you have a "balanced" team. Based on these, I'd suggest Cerberus King. But I have a feeling you'll disagree. Re: [3.5] Sharlayan Quiz What’s the difference between a critical strike and a perk? A critical strike is a special attack that does more damage than a normal attack. Perks are special skills that add to the damage that you do. I think critical strike and perk mean the same thing The difference between a critical strike and a perk is that a critical strike is done on a special attack. A perk is a special skill which adds to the damage done on regular attacks. Both are meant to add to the damage you do on regular attacks. Critical Strike = special attack that is meant to add to the damage done on regular attacks Perk = special skill that adds to the damage done on regular attacks



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